Modefabriek logo

Modefabriek – fashion event 2018

Various online designs (s.a. infographics, animated gifs and banners) based on existing corporate identity for the winter edition of 2018…

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Modefabriek – fashion event 2018

Design van diverse online uitingen op basis van bestaande huisstijl voor de winter editie 2018 van het Fashion Trade event…

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JAVAdistrict logo

Identity voor Java district

Identity for entrepreneurs association Javadistrict. The colorful style symbolizes the diversity of nationalities and shops in the Javastreet in Amsterdam…

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Webdesign for het Domijn

Webdesign for Het Domijn

Webdesign for Het Domijn, a complex of creative studios in Weesp. Click here to visit the website:  

Arup Loudspeaker newsletter (1)

Digital invitation of engineering firm Arup to ‘Loudspeaker’, a workshop on designing and constructing loudspeakers. In cooperation with Arup Amsterdam.

Webdesign David Galjaard

Webdesign for photographer David Galjaard.

iPad magazine

Design for an iPad magazine about marriage