Event design Penguin Pool



Event design (s.a. promotional prints and lenticular printed invitations) for Penguin Pool 2013, an event for creative professionals
of engineering firm Arup with workshops on the human senses. In cooperation with Arup Amsterdam.

© davidfotografie

Poster campaign De Nederlandse Hartstichting (The Dutch Heart Foundation)

Poster campaign to make young people aware of their health and heart.

Category: print, illustration

Arup Loudspeaker newsletter (1)

Digital invitation of engineering firm Arup to ‘Loudspeaker’, a workshop on designing and constructing loudspeakers. In cooperation with Arup Amsterdam.

Category: illustration

Event design Penguin Pool

Event design (s.a. newsletter, invitation and program flyer design) for Penguin Pool 2014, an event for creative professionals of engineering…

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Poster design for ProQR Therapeutics

Hand-drawn poster for New Year’s party of biotech company ProQR Therapeutics.

Category: print, illustration

Whitepaper designs for inSided

Whitepaper designs for inSided, provider of social business technology.

Logo design for Bombascha

Logo design for Bombascha, a mobile ensemble that creates a circus-like atmosphere on location, with fire shows and fire trucks…

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Category: identity

Organogram design for Arup

Organograms for engineering firm Arup. In cooperation with Arup Amsterdam.

Category: print

Whitepaper designs

Whitepapers for inSided, provider of social business technology.

Publication design for the Anton Constandse Foundation

Design of a publication about clients of the Anton Constandse Foundation. The publication is to commemorate the documentary ‘Onder de Paraplu’ (Under…

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Manual design for 2theloo

Manual design for 2theloo, a company that designs and maintains pleasant public toilets for public places.

Logo design for hairdresser Joline

Logo design for hairdresser Schaar zoekt Haar (Scissors look for Hair).

Category: identity, print

Logo design for Haagsche Nieuws Academie (The Hague News Academy)

Logo design for Haagsche Nieuws Academie (The Hague News Academy). From The Hague Campus she organizes master classes for professionals, where…

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Category: identity
ibis trade stand

Stand Trade design for Ibis

Design stand walls for the Trade fair Facility for Ibis, developer of software in construction and civil engineering sector.

Icon design for Bombascha

Icons for Bombascha, a mobile ensemble that creates a circus-like atmosphere on location with fire shows and fire trucks that…

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Category: illustration
Logo design op luciferdoosjes Bombascha - Goedsnik

Mini matchboxes for Bombascha

Mini matchboxes for Bombascha, a mobile ensemble that creates a circus-like atmosphere on location, with fire shows and fire trucks…

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Event design Arup 15 years in The Netherlands

Event design (s.a. logo, photo wall timeline, invitation and newsletter) for an event that celebrates the 15 years jubileum of engineering…

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Category: event design
Webdesign for het Domijn

Webdesign for Het Domijn

Webdesign for Het Domijn, a complex of creative studios in Weesp. Click here to visit the website: hetdomijn.nl  

JAVAdistrict logo

Identity for Java district

Identity for entrepreneurs association Javadistrict. The colorful style symbolizes the diversity of nationalities and shops in the Javastreet in Amsterdam…

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Modefabriek logo

Modefabriek – fashion event 2018

Various online designs (s.a. infographics, animated gifs and banners) based on existing corporate identity for the winter edition of 2018…

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Voorlichtingskoffertje - Goedsnik grafisch ontwerp tumbnail3

Concept and design educational material about loverboys

Concept, design and development of educational material about loverboys. These suitcases are used as support in informing young girls about…

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Category: other, illustration
Vitals verpakkingen

Packaging and identity development for Vitals

Development of new identity based on existing logo for dietary supplement company Vitals. Design of, among other things, packaging, magazine,…

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Category: identity, verpakkingen
even design for inSided copyright goedsnik

Event design for inSided

Event design and development for inSided, supplier of social business technology. Theme of the event was ‘Join the Conversation’. The…

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Publication Smaakbanaan #01- silk-screened

Smaakbanaan #01 is a publication designed and silk-screened by hand. It’s an experiment of image composition, ordering of images and…

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Photo book Concresco – Special Edition

Concept and design of the Special Edition of photo book Concresco in collaboration with photographer David Galjaard. The 78 Special…

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Category: book / publication

Photo book Concresco

Concept and design of photo book Concresco in collaboration with photographer David Galjaard. A documentary about the development of Albania….

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Category: book / publication

iPad magazine

Design for an iPad magazine about marriage

Poster design De Huilende Haring (The Crying Herring)

Submission for event Haagse Waterlanders (Hague Waterworks). Organized by the event Huilen in Den Haag leed met een knipoog (Crying…

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Category: print, illustration

Publication Storstrøm Bridge‏

Publication design for engineering firm Arup. The publication was proposed by Arup for the design of the Danish Storstrøm Bridge….

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Category: book / publication
Villa Europa

Handmade 3D poster design Villa Europa

Series of 24 handmade three dimensional posters for theater performance ‘Villa Europa’ created by theater company De Warme Winkel in…

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Category: other